teamlab borderless 上海 teamLab

由藝術團隊 teamLab 打造的大型美術館“EPSON teamLab無界美術館:teamLab Borderless Shanghai”於2019年11月5日在中國上海黃浦濱江開館。 teamLab Borderless Shanghai 將在6,600㎡的複雜立體空間內,其中包括在世界范圍內首次公開的作品。 “teamLab Borderless”是根據teamLab藝術團隊的無邊界藝術作品群打造的沒有地圖的美術館。
teamLab Borderless is an exhibition which aspires to be a “total” work of art in which individual works are conceived and installed in such a way as to create a continuous itinerary which twists and turns in unexpected ways,出片率超級高!